Drinking Cider

As soon as I blink a new cider blog or cider news site pops up. That’s how fast the industry is growing. How do I feel about this?  I love it and I love Drinking Cider – a relatively new cider blog that pretty much covers all things cider from cider history, events and cidery visits.  This site is clean, attractive and informative.

The author is Ronald Sansone, a home craft cider maker and all around cider aficionado. Keep up the good work Ron.  I will do my best to keep you all up to date on Ron’s cider adventures.


Here are two cidery profiles that I enjoyed on Drinking Cider:


Urban Farm Fermentory – Portland, Maine


Urban cider


I have yet to sample Urban Farm Fermentory products but based on what Ronald says I will definitely be working out a trade so I can get their unique hard ciders.  Besides cider, Urban Farm Fermentory produces kombucha and offers a one of a kind cider/kombucha blend -” totally badass!”


Read the entire post from Drinking Cider here


Colorado Cider Co

When walking down my local craft beer store. I almost trip over at least one Colorado craft beer six pack.  Colorado is certainly saturated (in a good way) with craft breweries. So what about craft cider? Yeah, they have that too and Colorado Cider Co, based in Denver certainly fits the bill.


colorado cider

Read the entire profile from Drinking Cider here


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