I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. Keeping up with the bullet-fast posts of United States Of Cider is hard enough let alone missing a few weeks, so let’s see if I can plug them into one post.

The thing that separates United States Of Cider from the rest is their unlimited knowledge of apples and their ability to find all things apple related. Though most of their resources come vie the web, I bet they have an entire apple library of their own.



Ever wonder why we need so many kinds of apples? ” Because there are so many folks”.  Read the rest of this clever excerpt from The Apple Tree.

This next post is my favorite cider blog post this week.  What do you get when you take a group of cider tasters from Boston – some cider virgins and some experienced cider drinkers – and ask them to unofficially review three local ciders?  You learn that there is a hard cider for everyone. Plus you learn this group is quite amusing.  My favorite description was “.Did I just drink alcohol? Pretty sure it was juice.” READ THE ENTIRE TASTING POST HERE

I haven’t had a chance to review any ciders from Eve’s Cidery of Van Etten, NY – In due time, Though here is a nice review on Eve’s Beckhorn Hollow Dry Cider. Quite enticing.

United States of Cider is a collaborative eclectic compendium & online journal dedicated to exploring the world of (hard) cider* with a focus on the American craft cider revival.

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