Cider Reviews 7/4/2013

Cider Monger, Crafty And The Beast and The West Cider offers three new cider reviews

Tideview Cider – Heritage Semi Dry


Background: Necessity is the mother of invention. That is certainly true in the case of Tideview Cider. After looking and not finding a cider to his taste, John Brett owner of Tideview Cider realized that he was going to have to make it himself. He did what so many great cider-makers have done and went to the Peter Mitchell course on cider making. Once back home in Nova Scotia, John partnered up with Orchardist Andrew Bishop, owner of Noggins Corner Farm in Wolfville. The farm is part of an original land grant to the Bishop family in 1760. The Bishop’s have been cultivating on the property since the land grant, making Noggins Corner Farm probably one of the oldest Cider Orchards in North America.  READ MORE

Cider Review – Steampunk Cider


I recently acquired a bottle of Steampunk Cider from Leonard Oakes Estate Winery. Hmmmmm, Steampunk?  The name intrigued me.  I have heard the name before but where?  Oh yeah, Dogfish Head Brewery.  In 2010 Dogfish Head installed an eye-catching steampunk influenced functional sculpture that was created by artist Sean Orlando and the Five Ton Crane Arts Group in 2007.  The Tree House is 40′ tall, 40′ wide, weighs 8 tons, and consist of recycled and reclaimed materials.  READ MORE

Basque Cider and thoughts on one of them (Sarasola Sagardoa)


I had heard of Basque Ciders (or Sidra) but had not tried one until Orgle came home with one from a recent trip south of the border.

As I am barely an expert (I define myself actually as a cider appreciator) on North American, French and English ciders, I had to do my homework on what defines a Basque Cider. I read articles and the significant article on Wikipedia.

I started explaining the process, the history and the results. And open re-reading this post, realized I still had no idea what I was talking about.  READ MORE


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