Cider Review 6/12/2013

And the cider reviews keep coming. Cider Monger,  Along Came A Cider and The Cider Blog

Gold Rush Cider – Oliver’s Cider & Virtue Cider

Gold Rush

Gold Rush comes from the collaboration of two passionate cider makers, Greg Hall of North America’s Virtue Cider and Tom Oliver of England’s Oliver’s Cider & Perry. While in comparison Tom Oliver has the edge in cider-making experience, Greg Hall has quickly made a name for himself as an innovator and top-notch cider maker in his own right. Gold Rush is their first Transatlantic collaboration.  READ MORE

Cider Review: Angry Orchard’s Elderflower and an NYC cider event!


Angry Orchard Hard Cider is a company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio (not too far from where I grew up). They are owned by Boston Beer Company; that’s the company behind Samuel Adams beers. Their core ciders and seasonals sell in six packs of 12oz. bottles with twist-off caps. Their website is very visually attractive, but a bit light on information about the company. Here’s what they do say about their general apple selection, “bittersweet apples from France and culinary apples from Italy.” That at least lets us know that they blend dessert apples and cider apples.  READ MORE


ApfelweinKontor WeinAusApfeln Streuobst Apfelwein 2012 Trocken Review


This is now day 3 of the German apfelwein reviews and I’m going back to a cider I purchased from the cider shop ApfelweinKontor. This is one they helped produce themselves and is called WeinAusApfeln Streuobst Apfelwein 2012 Trocken.

The name of this cider literally means an apfelwein from a 2012 harvest and should be of the dry variety. Reading these bottles has actually let me understand German a bit better and maybe when I go back I’ll speak more the than few obligatory words! This cider in particular is a collaboration between themselves and the cider producers Rothenbucher. Having enjoyed the Freyeisen apfelwein a couple of days ago, I’m hoping this can be of at least the same quality, if not better. Another thing to note is this won a Pomme d´Or 2013 award for the cider. Therefore we have a prize winner in this apfelwein!  READ MORE


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