Vintage Variation and Aging Hard Cider The Cider Journal’s EZ Orchard Interview

Terrior –  the unique flavor and aroma of a wine that is attributed to the growing environment of the grapes.

Can this apply to cider as Well?  Some argue one way or the other.  I have heard this to be true first hand from respectable cider makers such as Diane Flynt from Foggy Cider. Continue reading


#ciderchat with Original Sin Cider

Of all the guest host I have had on #ciderchat Gidon Coll is the only one I have personally met.  I met Gidon at Philly’s first cider fest Cider Core last autumn. Although it was pretty damn busy, we still were able to chat for a few minutes. Continue reading

Review – Hogan’s Dry Cider

I enjoy reading the over seas blog posts such as this review from Real Cider Reviews. Most of the European and Australian ciders are not available in my neck of the woods.  As a matter of fact, most American ciders are not available in my neck of the woods.  So I consider it a lesson in cider culture throughout the world of ciders and get to see how other cider nerds view their favorite drink. Continue reading

Tilted Shed Ciderworks and the Tip of the Cider Spear

Tom Wark, a long time wine expert has entered the small family of cider bloggers.  I got to chat with Tom several weeks ago on #ciderchat and he certainly has been bitten by the cider bug.  His new blog The Cider Journal is off to a great start.  Based on his recent posts, one would think he has been writing about cider for years. Add the Cider Journal to your list of must cider blogs to visit. Continue reading

#ciderchat – A Virtual Cider Party – Anything Goes

If you have been following my weekly #ciderchats then you noticed I bring in a different guest host, usually a cidermaker.  I had to reschedule this week’s guest host so I thought we would do this week’s #ciderchat (5/8/14) differently.  We will have an open discussion between all cider fans – anything goes. We may talk about such topics as what glass should be served with cider, traditional cider apples vs other apple varieties, our favorite cider styles and discuss upcoming events. We can rant, rave and celebrate all things cider. Join us for a virtual cider party. See details from Crafty And The Beast Continue reading

Along Came A Cider – Uncle John’s and Sanoma

If you think all cider taste the same you obviously have not read any of Meredith’s reviews. There is no “getting bored” when you taste as many ciders as she has.  Here are two recent cider reviews from  Along came A Cider.

I can’t say if I am a fan of Bourbon or not. I just haven’t tried many. But I have had bourbon barreled aged beer and it is hit or miss for me. Continue reading

#ciderchat With CIDERCRAFT Magazine

I am not that surprised with the fact that #ciderchat is just too damn fun. The first three weeks we have had some pretty awesome guests such as Diane Flynt from Foggy Ridge, David White from Whitewood Cider and Tom Oliver from Oliver’s Cider and Perry.

Diane taught us the importance of true cider apples.  We learned how important mentors are from David White and Tom gave us first heads up on a hopped cider from Oliver’s coming soon. Some of you may be aware that we cider punks now have a magazine of our own and the folks behind CIDERCRAFT magazine will join us on 4/24/2014 for some more #ciderchat fun.

Continue reading